ASIC Depot's Engineers Have Big Hearts

30 November, 2015 | 11:30

In November 2015 ASIC Depot's enigineers have proven they have big hearts, supporting a person in need. 

Ivan Zdravkov is from Varna, 41y.o., married with two little girls. Five years ago he was diagnosed with schwannoma - a tumor of the peripheral nerves, close to his carotid. After two surgeries the doctors could not remove all of it, and Ivan is currently breathing with the help of an artificial pipe coming directly out of his trachea. The professors from Sofia claim they cannot have more surgeries as there is a high possibility for him to be handicapped. However, in Hanover there is a highly professional medical team that is giving him 90% success odds. The surgery costs 50 000 euro and so far he had only 17 000 euro. 

We gathered 1259 leva and ASIC Depot Management doubled the amount, so the total donation equals to 2518 leva. 

Lets wish Ivan luck and successful recovery very soon!