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ASIC Depot holds a broad service portfolio which is expanding continuously. Our experienced management and skilled engineering teams can efficiently and effectively complement any team to satisfy market demands in the following areas: wired infrastructure, wireless communication, storage, video and processing and others. We already have a successful track record of over 100 projects proven in silicon – first time right. We take over tasks from specification to full execution in:

  • Real-Time Embedded Software (incl. Software Development, SQA, Maintenance and Development of the SDK, Infrastructure Maintenance)

  • Digital Design (R&D of RTL from spec to HDL incl. Gate Level Design, Block Definition, Timing)

  • Digital Design Verification (building complete verification environment and tests using different methodologies, coverage collection, emulation and post silicon validation)

  • Physical Design (incl. P&R. Timing, DFT, Formal, Verification)

Application Domains

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  • Storage Processors

  • Network processors

  • Telecommunications

  • Multimedia

  • Controllers and Peripherals

  • Mobile applications

  • SoC