About us

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ASIC Depot is a unique semiconductor design center, established in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007. We run successfully offices in the three biggest Bulgarian cities – Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. For years, we have been revolutionizing outsourcing by full commitment to customer requirements, transparency and dedication to overachievement. We call the concept – remote site. We are a business competitive site but not only. ASIC Depot is an incubator for engineering teams – we breed technically strong and skilled teams which can successfully complement companies of any size and rank.

More than 100 projects, already proven in silicon – first time right, for some of the most advanced applications, serving major companies among Fortune Magazine’s “Most Admired Companies” and maintaing stable and lasting relationships with our customers are only few of our accomplishments.


Eitan Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder 

Eitan’s participation in ASIC Depot establishment brought to the company almost a decade of leadership experience in the semiconductor industry. Eitan Cohen has been a VLSI designer for 7 years at the IDF elite technical unit, and then a sales manager, country manager of Avanti, and CEO of a power management semiconductor company. 

Nathan Elnathan, Executive Vice President Research & Development, Co-Founder

Nathan has a vast track record of leading successful projects, with remote verification teams, delivering “first time right” designs. Nathan has a great experience in Network processors, wireless and DSP applications. Nathan Elnathan was an ex VLSI director of Amimon, AMCC and MMC Networks and project manager at Motorola Semiconductor (Freescale).


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Graduates of some of the best Bulgarian universities, our engineers are carefully selected and then trained and nurtured with the tools, methods and technology required to fulfill the specific needs of any project. They are ambitious, responsible, confident and motivated to overcome any challenge they face. Our teams add value to each project bringing to the table devotion and eagerness to develop technology that shapes the world.

Our engineers’ expertise covers a broad range of technological skills and knowledge. As an employer, we promote continuous learning and development, knowledge sharing, teamwork and collaboration. We encourage a high degree of personal involvement and commitment.