Business Model

ASIC Depot employs the concept of Remote site as a business model. We fully commit to our customers’ requirements for tools, methodologies and technology to meet the needs of a specific project and successfully complement their teams to minimize in-house design management, recruitment and training efforts.

The business model is efficient and gives customers flexibility and ability to adjust in an ever-changing and evolving semiconductor market.

The remote site cooperation with our customers is now long-term and it proved to result in stability, transparency, high-quality work and business competitiveness:

  • Image titleWe work closely with our customers' teams. We have successful stable relations with customers` teams in US West and East coasts, UK, Israel, Taiwan, India

  • Our engineers are easily accessible through any means convenient for the customer and they are always ready to discuss technical matters and share ideas

  • We adopt and execute the customer methods and procedures whenever requested

  • We provide the highest level of performance, quality and efficiency

  • We have a unique project management system that provides full visibility and transparency to the customer

  • We provide technical, IT and safety support